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How DriveReport Works

A fleet operator’s company and fleet information are captured on our monitoring service database. A DriveReport decal sticker is then placed onto the company vehicle fleet, inviting the motoring public to report on the driving behaviour.

Our professional, unbiased operators receive the call and use an AARTO based scoring matrix to assess the incident. Details of the incident including date, time, location, road & weather conditions are logged and immediately communicated to management in summary via SMS & in detail on e-mail and a web based client portal.

After subscribers have been notified, a confirmation SMS is sent to the caller including a link to which the caller can upload any photographic footage they may have taken of the incident. This real time response enables effective and timely corrective action & immediate customer satisfaction. Notices can be echoed to different managers or departments to ensure follow-up. Mechanical faults can be copied to the workshop.

DriveReport Online Portal


Incidents Profiles:

  • History of Incidents per vehicle
  • History of Incidents per Driver
  • Drivers to be allocated to Incidents
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis can be pulled

SMS’s to Drivers – functionality available to communicate with Drivers


Fleet Profiles:

  • Vehicle registration number, Vin, Chassis, Make, Model year, Fleet number
  • Vehicle licences, fire extinguisher, Road permits, Cross Border permit expiry dates
  • Documents for all of the above can be uploaded and stored in this paperless environment

Driver Profiles:

  • Name, Surname, ID Numbers
  • Physical Address, Postal Address
  • Contact information (Cell, Home, email address)
  • Employee number, Employment start date
  • Medical Aid and Next of Kin information for emergencies
  • PDP, Driver’s License, Medical tests, Eye tests, Hazchem, DGP, Induction, Refresher Test expiry dates
  • Documents for all of the above can be uploaded and stored in this “Paperless” environment

DriveReport Stickers

Assist by ensuring Drivers are aware that they are being Monitored on the roads and that the Public holds them accountable for their Driving Behaviour.

These stickers give the impression that your company is concerned about Social Awareness as well as General Road Safety on South African Motorways.

Our Call Centre handles all of the calls and refer the relevant reported driver incidents directly to the company to further Coach Drivers and ultimately send a Safer Driver back onto the roads. Reducing your fleet’s risk on the road.


Free, High Quality Driver Reporting Stickers:

Clear laminate over sticker to filter UV and prevent damage from pressure washing and general wear and tear.

7 Year Scotch vinyl – Engineering grade – Coates inks – Reflective

Screen printed – Non-Reflective – Standard Vinyl – Non Laminated


600mm x 140mm


300mm x 150mm

Have You Seen A Vehicle With Our Stickers That You’d Like To Report?

If you notice a vehicle with one of these stickers driving in a manner which you would like to report. Simply follow this link below to lodge your incident.

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