Advanced Driver Assistance Safety Systems are designed to work together to automate and enhance vehicle safety by alerting the driver to potential problems and avoid collisions. Integrated with DriveCam®, the Mobileye® 6 Series unit is a powerful safety tool for optimal Behavioural Risk Management, allowing fleet managers to proactively reduce risky root cause driving behaviours and collision leading behaviours

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Founded in 1999, Mobileye® revolutionized the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) market by introducing a solution inspired by human visual perception. Using a vehicle-mounted camera to interpret the environment by “sight,” much as humans do, the Mobileye approach offers an economical way for global automakers to enhance safety in their new cars. Largely replacing legacy systems that required more expensive hardware, Mobileye began to play a leading role in the growth of cost-effective ADAS worldwide, thereby democratizing road safety for drivers, passengers, other road-users and pedestrians everywhere.

The system alerts the driver of a potentially dangerous situation so that the driver can take action to correct it. For example, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alerts the driver of unintended/unindicated lane departure; Forward Collision Warning (FCW) indicates that under the current dynamics relative to the vehicle ahead, a collision is imminent. The driver then needs to brake in order to avoid the collision.

Mobiley 6 Series

The Mobileye® system features contribute to:

  • Collision prevention
  • Accident Mitigation
  • Enhanced driver alertness and improve driving habits
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis when integrated with DriveCam®

Mobileye 6 features:

  • Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Traffic Sign Recognition / Speed Limit Indication
  • Intelligent High-Beam Control
  • Headway Monitoring and Warning

Audio and Visual Alerts will alert the driver to possible risks ahead, prompting the driver to focus and be alert to road conditions and risks.

Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW): Alerts the driver of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or a cyclist ahead.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Alerts the driver to an unindicated (and therefore presumably unintended) lane departure.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Alerts the driver that, under the current dynamics relative to the vehicle ahead, a collision is imminent.

Speed Limit Information (SLI): The system will detect the speed signs and will notify the driver if the vehicle`s speed exceeds the allowed speed limit.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR): The Mobileye system detects and classifies various traffic signs and notifies the driver of such signs.

Intelligent High-Beam control (IHC): The IHC assists the driver in controlling the vehicle`s High-beams and Automatically switching from Low-beams to High-beams on dark roads when no traffic is in close proximity to your vehicle.

Headway Monitoring and Warning (000): Assists the driver in keeping a safe driving distance from the vehicle in front of him, by issuing an alert when the headway distance to the vehicle ahead becomes dangerous.

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